My Trip to Cebu, Bohol, Philippines

The Philippines. Most of us here in the US have heard of Manila of course, but did you know that over 7100 islands comprise this Asian Pacific archipelago?¬† Most likely not. I sure didn’t until I read an article in Skin Diver magazine years ago. I was fortunate enough to pursue a career in diving that afforded me the opportunity to finally visit some of these amazing islands, its people and culture. I’ve added here a small slideshow¬† of some recent photos to these amazing islands.

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Hello world!

Hello everyone!

My blog will be focused on what I love doing most.., diving! Diving with my friends at local diving sites, or abroad to exotic locations with new friends and diving pals.

Not only will my blog post underwater photos and stories of denizens of the deep, but topside attractions and cultures as well.