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Mars Danao Plunge in Bohol Short Video

Watch Mars as she plummets several hundred feet down suspended by only a thin cable. Can you hear her scream?

Mars and the Danao Plunge from Gary Jines on Vimeo.


The Gem of California’s Central Coast, Monterey Bay.

Warm water diving “stinks”, well ok, not really!

But I think I got your attention that you will take the time to look at this photo mosaic of Monterey Bay’s San Carlos Beach and other sites. Just click on an image for a larger view.

This post will be updated with new photos of the most popular beaches and diving sites of Monterey Bay beginning  January 19, 2014. Just waiting for my new housing for my camera

My Trip to Cebu, Bohol, Philippines

The Philippines. Most of us here in the US have heard of Manila of course, but did you know that over 7100 islands comprise this Asian Pacific archipelago?¬† Most likely not. I sure didn’t until I read an article in Skin Diver magazine years ago. I was fortunate enough to pursue a career in diving that afforded me the opportunity to finally visit some of these amazing islands, its people and culture. I’ve added here a small slideshow¬† of some recent photos to these amazing islands.

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